Security BETAHON is a provider of perimeter security and defense solutions, out of range of security projects, including the deployment of large-scale and sophisticated border, security agency, safe city, airport, seaport, train terminal, prison, and public – sector compound systems. Featuring BETAHON’s unique expertise integrating diverse, access control systems, sensors, radar arrays, electronic fences and night vision systems, our security offering includes some of today’s most advanced solutions including biometry and video analysis systems. BETAHON offers security consultancy services for those who are seeking to reduce the risk of a terrorist, theft & burglary attacks and limit the damage an attack might cause.
BETAHON provides protective security advice to those who own, operate, manages;

• Governmental and non-governmental institution
• Hotels
• Residential areas
• Schools and university campuses
• Construction sites
• Airport & airport aviation seaports
• Oil & gas installations
• Hospitals & medical centers
• Logistics centers
• Telecommunications & media,
• Financial institutions,
• Ware houses
• Gas station
• Malls & shopping centers