ALEF Security and Safety Service P.L.C


Yeka sub-city, Woreda 08 House No. New

Marathon Building 6th floor office No

Megenagna, Diaspora square

Telephone +251 118638544/45

Mob +251 929906361, +251 930109671/72

P.O.B 60260  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



 ALEF Security and Safety Services P.L.C.  has been providing multi-faceted service since 2008, and still delivering diligent services for the known clients in Addis Ababa, OROMIA, AMHARA, South Peoples regional states of Ethiopia. The enterprise was founded by its owner and President, KASSAHUN MANKELKELOT to build a financially successful, growth-oriented business that provides specialized security protective and consultative services to government as well as private business concerns in Addis Ababa, OROMIA, AMHARA, South Peoples regional states of Ethiopia.

The thrust behind this entrepreneurial decision was confidence, tenacity and a vision that is relentlessly pursued while facing incredible challenges to her nurtured dreams and to the business that has been established.


The founder of ALEF Security and Safety Services P.L.C has an honorable rank in the Ethiopian Army and has a service of more than 27 years in the field of security and safety services, still experiencing in international /organization (ECA). Therefore, having abundant know ledge of security service with full of training ability, he’s got all round strength & capability to lead the P.L.C being the “Managing Director.”


  • Play a role model in standard of service giving of safety, security and compiling to the market with the supply of effective and efficiency building high security and safety services consultancy.
  • In addition to this rendering 24/7 security CCTV Surveillance system, equipment and training based on the request/ demand of our Clients independent and sustainable manner and accordingly to supply sufficient and adequate skilled work force capable of safe guarding the wellbeing of human life and property.
  • Complete range of market-leading accessories to fit the needs of every customer and compliant to the federal democratic republic of Ethiopian custom, revenue and Federal labor social proclamation.
  • We are dedicated to enhancing people’s way of life by insuring their sense of security and safety rendering qualified services and consultancy to enhance our clients their sense of awareness. Our easy-to-use and innovative home security, control solution, personal emergency response system is part of everyday family life. By providing real-time connectivity between families, homes, property, care givers and community support networks, we empower people to pursue their daily lives with full confidence that the people and things they care most about are safe and comfortable.


  • Is to secure operations against plausible threats, in a cost effective manner while full insuring    
  • All routine activities continue to run smoothly, efficiently and with minimal disruption. Giving a solution by developing proactive security, safety measures and systems to insure the tranquility of all firms under the services of our company.
  • Ever since the start of our operation, we believe the management from ground up guarantees better control and performance. Therefore whenever necessary, ALEF Security and Safety Services P.L.C responds time are always first to be present on the spot, regardless of the condition, difficulties   and working around the clock is one aim in sight the customers wishes are our command, whereas problems are resolved on real-time basis and force fully brought to successful conclusion through our organization.

Targets & Focus on the provision of Security Service.

  • Governmental Institutions (Ministries, Authorities, Commissions, etc);
  • Embassies;
  • NGOS   & IOS offices and residential areas;
  • Hospitals, health institutions, clinics;
  • Banks, insurance companies;
  • Religious institutions;
  • Hotels (international & national), guest houses, pensions;
  • Kindergartens, elementary, junior & high Schools, Colleges, Universities, training institutes;
  • Manufacturing and production industries, factories;
  • Construction Centers Construction Sites, dams, bridges, railways, etc
  • Buildings, real-estate; Condos, Vilas;
  • Centers:- Supermarkets warehouses, commercial groceries, whole sale and retail shops;
  • Malls, recreation centers, resorts, parking areas;

Our Service includes:-

  • 24/7 Guarding Service
  • Professional advice on safety related issues.
  • Technical installation & maintenance of safety and security equipment.
  • Escorting precious & valuable items

Structure of ALEF Security and Safety Services P.L.C

We deliver specialized security

Securitas provides a wide range of security services, from mobile patrols, access control, fire prevention, receptionist/concierge, monitoring and call-out services to specialized, site-specific duties. From this broad range of services Securitas customizes offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions. A security solution always includes

deployment of qualified security officers, and the following components are often used in combination to create an optimal solution:

  • Electronic systems: intrusion alarms, access control and surveillance cameras·
  • Physical security: fences, turnstiles and gates
  • Software: reporting, communication, logging and verification systems

As an independent security services provider, Securitas partners with various systems, hardware and software subcontractors.

Securitas also delivers mobile security services, providing cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that do not require 24-hour security services. A single security officer typically attends to the needs of 20–30 customers within a limited geographical area during one shift, performing regular exterior and interior patrols, alarm activations, opening and closing of premises and even turning off the lights. Through their local presence, the security officers also serve as a crime deterrent and are close at hand for alarm response calls. In metropolitan areas, Mobile also provides city patrols and special alarm response units

Criteria for Selection & Recruitment.

  • Supporting letter from dwelling kebele.
  • 9th grade and above.
  • Healthy, docile & active on duty.
  • Experience in military service or in police force, and who can present letter of termination.
  • Who can present forensic certificate.
  • Who can present guarantee.
  • Age 25 – 45 years.
  • Who can accept the training and employment policy of Alpha plc.
  • Free of addiction.

The PLC training involves 3 basic stages.

  • 15 days training for 12th grade & above recruits, for the guard targets, governmental institutions, embassies, international organizations, Companies, Commercial centers, international hotels, banks, insurance companies, hospitals etc.
  • 5 days training for 10th grade & above recruits, for the guard targets, buildings real estate residential areas, condos, schools, etc.
  • 5 days training for 8th grade & above recruits, for the guard targets, construction centers (Construction Sites, dams, bridges, and railways), villas, supermarkets, ware houses, groceries, whole & retail sales shops, recreation centers, resorts, parking areas etc.

Security Service training schedule

Sri/No Kinds of training Time allotment Date
1 Basic laws & Federal Proclamations. 8 2
2 Basic security & safety procedures (day & night) 22 2
3 Fire prevention & extinguishing lesson 10 6
4 Client approach & communication 14 4
5 Escorting lesson 10 2
6 Security & safety plan implementation 8 2
7 Ethical & disciplinary principles 6 2
8 Explosion removal & prevention lesson 10 2
9 Weapons training 10 2
10 Physical training & saluting 8 2
11 Consolidated behaviorism of the plc.  12 4
  Total 118 30

Investing in training

We provide more training for our employees than most other security companies. We developed our commination with Ethiopian federal polies department and with International company who have the Expanse  and capabilities, by allowing us more employees to take advantage of our training and improving the quality of our local training initiatives by adding content from central training specialists.

We give training on the following subjects.

  • Law
  • Basic security, safety procedures and ethical disciplines
  • Fire prevention
  • Client orientation and communication
  • Special assignment and escort
  •  Weapons and supporting equipment’s
  • Physical training and the mission and Vision of the costumer company   

The PLC training procedure is divided into 4 parts

  • Regular training
  • Preparatory training
  • On job training
  • Situational /current Condition/ training

Based on the above training procedures, the recruits /trainees/ will have decisive training knowledge to command on all round security service shift leaders, site leaders and supervisors are capable of maintaining the general area of security with on interrupted movement of controlling mechanism.

Financial strength

          ALEF Security and Safety Services P.L.C has developed full strength of security maneuver and has financial sustainability, even to pay salary of employees for two months, before any payment is made by contracted party.

We are Confident to withhold 10% performance guarantee for the time of service rendering. Currently, we have 1,500,000.00 Birr (one milliner and Five Hundred Thousand Birr) Capital to run the agency. 

Office Arrangement

Our office is currently located around Lem hotel, very near to the cross section of rail way. To provide diligent service, the management has thoroughly thought of the physical area & places from where to start this private employment service our office arrangement Comprises of 7 working rooms & one training hall with sufficient suitable compound.

  • For the work purpose, there are purpose, there are
  • More than Eighteen  mobile phones.
  • Six fixed line phones.
  • Tan Computers.
  • Each computer is net worked for information exchange.
  • Printers, faxes, scanners and a photo copy machine.

Transport Arrangement

  • The agency has got tow (2) mini-bus & four (4) Automobile.
  • The agency has organized its own tailoring room to be functional

Supervision & controlling Mechanisms

  • Every site commander has directive how to control each site and how to implement according to the direction given.
  • Shift leader is the decisive personality to shape up the guards to be punctual, quick minded, alert and docile to actively fulfill given assignment.
  • The vital checking system for presence is attendance.
  • Daily report is jotted on the log-book.
  • Daily report is forwarded to the main office for further execution.

Working close together with our customers

One of the cornerstones in Securitas’ strategy is specialization. Our customers are found in nearly all industries and segments – from public agencies, manufacturing companies, ports, banks and hospitals to museums. Our customers face different risk situations, depending on the environment of their particular industry and, accordingly, have different security needs. Years of experience in servicing customers in various customer segments, and in several similar industries within these segments, have given us the expertise to work very close with our customers and deliver effective security solutions tailored to customer needs. The benefits of specialization, both for the customer and for us, are clear since it results in added value for the customer and more active and longer customer relations.

Securitas recognizes the differences between customer segments and industries in terms of risks, needs and solutions. We also take advantage of the similarities within each industry to reap the benefits of duplicating successful solutions, no matter the location.

In brief, based on the in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and specific industry-related requirements, we can add further value by optimizing security solutions, and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

Aviation In the aviation segment, security solutions naturally center on airports and their various security needs. Our customers are aviation companies or

Privately operated airports, as well as airlines, freight forwarders and other

Airport-related businesses.

Construction Securitas’ customers in this segment include building contractors

And entrepreneurs, as well as consultants, architects and subcontractors in the construction industry.

Cultural Many museums, theaters, opera houses and large libraries have

Considerable assets to protect, and because they are open to the public, they have substantial security needs.

Energy The customers in the energy sector include nuclear power plants, electricity suppliers, wind and hydroelectric power stations and oil and gas companies. They all have high risk factors and require advanced security solutions.

Entertainment The entertainment segment comprises broadcasting companies, the motion picture industry, amusement parks and casinos.

Events The common denominator in this segment is that we provide security solutions for limited period of time. This may involve security services for a sporting event, a music concert or a festival.

Healthcare Security needs vary in the healthcare sector depending on whether

The facility is a hospital, a primary care facility or a retirement home. The security

Services need to be customized accordingly.

High-tech The customers in this segment range from telecom companies, IT companies and network providers to fine electronics companies.

Hotels and tourism the customers in this segment are hotels, travel agencies,

Tour operators and various companies in the leisure industry, such as golf courses

And ski resorts.

Industry and manufacturing

This segment includes all heavy industry extraction, production, manufacturing and processing.

Logistics Many players are involved in a logistics chain: distribution and cargo

Centers, logistics companies and shipping agents, as well as warehouses and courier firms.

Maritime There are many areas where security is needed at a seaport and where

Strict regulations are in place. The seaport itself is often our customer, but our customers also include shipping companies and supply chain companies.

Offices This segment consists of property management or facility management

companies, as well as companies that require security for their head offices.

Public All public agencies, such as municipalities, city councils, national

Government authorities and international bodies, require security, and this need

May vary between nations and regions.

Public transport all countries have some form of public transport, such as

Trains, buses, a subway system or trams, and they all have similar types of risks.

But above all, they are public environments and require a high level of security.

Residential Many people want to protect their residence, be it a house, an apartment in a high-rise or an entire neighborhood. Some residential communities are gated and have advanced security systems with round-the-clock guarding.

Small and medium-sized enterprises we provide customized security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, for example, in retail, office premises and the service sector.